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Archive March 25, 2021

Court Orders: Sentenced to Play Poker for Freedom

We all know that lately, the federal government has given poker players a lot of headaches in the United States, however, state officials have used the opposite tactic, ordering a man to play poker to pay off his crime debts sportsbook in malaysia.

New Mexico state lawyers reached an agreement with former stockbroker Samuel McMaster Júnior on August 4. A deal that would allow him to avoid jail time if he manages to win $ 444,000 back from playing poker, money resulting from the fraud of more than twenty victims.

The deal was launched after McMaster admitted 26 criminal charges of security fraud.

New Mexico lawyer Phyllis Bowman told ABC News on Monday that the reason he was released has nothing to do with his profession, and added that nothing indicates that he is a violent threat. for the society.

Good Night and Good Luck

According to the McMaster agreement that, according to his lawyer, “plays poker to achieve legal purposes”, McMaster may leave New Mexico to play in tournaments across the country. However, the task of making so much money is not an easy one, given that the controversial player has not been very successful in the past two years.

McMaster must earn at least $ 7,500 a month for the next six months, or face the court again, where he could be sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for his crimes.

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